Find the waterproof flooring you can count on

Waterproof flooring is always the best option when you need a floor covering that protects you from water damage. Not only does it ensure the protection of your investment, even in the dampest rooms of your home, but it also provides plenty of other characteristics and benefits. When you're ready to find out about a couple of great options, read on for more information.

Here are some waterproof flooring options

One of your material options is waterproof laminate flooring, which provides superb top-to-bottom protection against spills, dampness, and humidity. If you are in an area where subfloor moisture issues are a concern or installing over concrete, you will also need a moisture or vapor barrier to protect from the bottom up. In addition to water resistance, you'll enjoy beautiful wood and stone visuals that cater to all your décor matching requirements.

Another great option, especially if complete waterproof protection is required, is waterproof vinyl flooring. With a core material made of wood plastic composite, stone plastic composite, or 100% vinyl, you'll not only be safe from splashes, spills, and accidents but also moisture, humidity, and dampness. In addition, it provides stunning visuals that mimic solid hardwood, stone, and porcelain tile, complete with realistic textures and more. These products are just as at home in bedrooms and studies as they are in basements and laundry rooms, so feel free to install them throughout your home.

No matter which material you choose, a quick and easy installation is what you can expect. You’ll be able to walk on these materials immediately after the service is complete, and you’ll find they are just as easy to clean and maintain. When you’re ready to choose a material to get started, be sure to stop by any time.

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